Customising the Events tab

You can customise how the Community Portal displays event information.

You can create payable events on the Community Portal. For information about this process including configuring payment methods, payment categories, and payment receipts, see the Synergetic Online payments manual.

: The configuration settings for EnabledFlag, MenuOrder, ParentPageName and Text are only applicable when using the Portal 6 and below render method.

What you can do...

What you can do...


Define guest responses, such as apologies and acceptances.

Determine whether a confirmation is displayed when a guest selects an apology for an event.

Determine whether the Events tab is displayed.

Define the message displayed next to the event description when the event has sold out.

Override the order in which the Events tab appears on the Community Portal.

Make the Events tab a sub-tab of another tab on the Community Portal.

Define the title that appears in the main menu for the Events tab.

Define the message displayed when tickets are sold out or unavailable.

Determine the number of minutes tickets are reserved while a community member completes their payment.

Define the message displayed to explain the ticket reserve period has expired and the community member must start their purchase again.

Define the text displayed at the top of the Events tab.

Override the URL of the Events tab.

The number of events displayed per page on the Events tab.

Define the message displayed in the payment popup window when the event has sold out.