Customising the Docs tab

The Docs tab displays documents relevant to the selected student. The documents are added via the DocMan tab of Student Maintenance in Synergetic. See Current Student Maintenance - DocMan tab in the Synergetic Current students manual.

You can customise various aspects of the Docs tab to suit your organisation's needs. Documents are not available to community members on the Community Portal by default. You need to configure some security permissions to control who can see what document types. See Publishing documents on the Community Portal.

Documents are only displayed in the portal if the document type's CommPortalVisibleFor flag is selected for the community member relation in the luDocumentClassification lookup table. See luDocumentClassification lookup table in the Synergetic System maintenance manual.

: The configuration settings for EnabledFlag, MenuOrder, ParentPageName and Text are only applicable when using the Portal 6 and below render method.

What you can do

What you can do...


Determine whether the Docs tab is displayed.

Determine whether the Docs tab is only displayed for parents with future students.

Determine the position of the Docs tab on the menu bar.

Determine whether the Docs tab is displayed as the sub-tab of another tab.

Restrict archived reports to only display prior to a specified date.Docs:Restrict:Reports:StartDate configuration setting

Customise the title of the Docs tab.

Customise the text displayed on the Docs tab.

Customise the URL of the Docs tab.

Customise how documents not stored in your organisation's database appear on the Docs tab.