Events Maintenance - Event bar

You can use the Event bar to maintain key details about the event.

 Opening the Event bar

To open the Event bar:

  1. Select Develop > Events Maintenance from the SynWeb main menu.
    The Set Events Search Criteria window is displayed.
  2. Search for the event. See Searching for events.
  3. Click the Event bar.

     You can click anywhere on a navigation bar other than the caption to open it.

    The Event bar of the Events Maintenance window is displayed.

Events Maintenance - Event bar key fields and buttons





Description of the event, added when creating the event.


Type of event, or event group.

Event types are maintained in the luEventType lookup table. See luEventType lookup table in the Synergetic System maintenance manual.

Event Date From

Date the event starts.

Note: You can click on the Events tab of the Community portal to view the event Period field listing the event period defined by the Event Date From and Event Date To fields. The Period field is not displayed when these fields are blank.

Event Date To

Date the event finishes.

Invite Date

Date that invitations to the event are to be sent.


Date that people have been requested to respond by.


If a cost applies to the event, this shows the cost of the different types of ticket. You set the prices of the tickets on the Attributes tab.

Max Attendance

Maximum number that can attend the event.

This usually applies if the venue has a limit on the number of people that can use it.

Max Tickets per Attendee

Maximum number of tickets an individual attendee can reserve through the Community Portal.

Tickets Allocated

Number of tickets to the event that have been allocated so far.

This is calculated from the Current Attendees tab, and is updated each time you add a new attendee.

Tables Of

Type a number to set the number of attendees per table.


Attire to be worn to the event.


Free form comment about the event.

Event Concluded

Click the Mark as Concluded button to set the flag once the event has been completed.

The button changes to Mark as NOT Concluded. At a later time you can reverse the status of the event in order to add more attendees. It does not make past attendees current but allows you to bulk add more attendees. You then mark the event as concluded again, and, if the Bulk Movable flag is selected, you can transfer current attendees to past attendees.

You can click Mark as NOT Concluded on the Events tab of Events Maintenance in Synergetic to transfer past attendees to the Current attendees tab. See Events Maintenance - Event tab in the Synergetic Development manual.




Mark the selected event as concluded.

This moves all current attendees to past attendees.

Change the status of a concluded event back to not concluded so that you can add additional people to the event afterwards. You cannot add attendees to a concluded event otherwise.