Maintaining events

The details of events held at your organisation can be maintained in SynWeb. Details include:

  • relevant dates
  • location
  • people and staff involved in the organisation
  • list of people invited (or attending) and details about attendance and payment
  • list of people that attended past events, for events that have concluded.

How to:

  • Search for an event on the system. See Searching for events.
  • Create a new event. See Creating new events.
  • Configure an event to display on either:
    • Community Portal
    • your organisation's public events booking website.

See Configuring online events.

What you can do:

What you can do…


Maintain key details about the event.

Events Maintenance - Event bar

Maintain the location of the event.

Maintain the people organising the event and the key staff involved.

Events Maintenance - Organisers/Staff bar

Display information about the event on your organisation's web site.

Events Maintenance - Web bar

Maintain information about:

  • ticket types
  • ticket prices
  • other special considerations such as a requirement for disabled access.

Events Maintenance - Attributes bar

Maintain details about those people invited to attend the event.

Events Maintenance - Current Attendees bar

Create and maintain user forms for events.