Events Maintenance - Attributes bar

Use the Attributes tab to:

  • define the types of tickets for the event
  • define the ticket prices
  • create fields that you can use to define any special considerations required for each attendee group.

There is a list of master attributes that are pre-defined that you can use for any event. When you create a new event you can:

  • select from the existing attributes in the master attributes list
  • create new attributes.

Any new attributes that you create are then available in the master attributes list and can be selected for any future event.
Once ticket types and prices are defined on this tab they are displayed:

  • On the Events tab of Events Maintenance. See Events Maintenance - Event bar.
  • When users click:
  • on the Event tab on your organisation's Community Portal
  • Tickets tab on your organisation's public events booking website.

The special considerations fields that you define are displayed on the Attributes sub-sub-tab of the Events Maintenance - Current Attendees bar - Details sub-tab.

 Opening the Attributes bar

To open the Attributes bar:

  1. Select Develop > Events Maintenance from the SynWeb main menu.
    The Set Events Search Criteria window is displayed.
  2. Search for the event. See Searching for events.
  3. Click the Attributes bar.

     You can click anywhere on a navigation bar other than the caption to open it.

    The Attributes bar of the Events Maintenance window is displayed.

Events Maintenance - Attributes bar key fields and buttons





Type of event attribute. For example, Ticket.

Sub Type

Event attribute sub-type. For example, Adult.


Description of the event attribute.

Price (Inc. Tax)

Price including tax assigned to the event attribute.

Sort Order

Determines the order charges will appear in drop-down lists. Lower numbers appear further up the list.




Launch the Event Master Attributes window to maintain the master attributes for the selected event. See Maintaining the list of master attributes.

Launch the Select Attributes to Add to Event window to add additional attributes to the selected event.

Launch the Edit Event Attribute window to edit the selected attribute.

Delete the selected event attribute.