Changing a lookup table from within System Maintenance

To change a lookup table from within System Maintenance:

  1. Select Module > System > Lookup Tables Maintenance. See Lookup Table Maintenance window.

    Note: The lookup tables relevant to financial programs are kept separately but the principles of maintaining them are exactly the same. To change a financial lookup table, select Module > System > Lookup Tables Maintenance and click the Finance tab.

    The Lookup Table Maintenance window is displayed showing all of the available lookup tables.

  2. Highlight the lookup table you want to view or update.
    The data in the lookup table is displayed in the right-hand pane. The current record is shown with an arrow to the left of the record and the current field within the record is highlighted as show below.

    If you try to rename a lookup table it does not update the name.

  3. To modify an existing entry, move your cursor in to the field and type in the changes.
  4. Either click:
  • Save to save your changes in the lookup table
  • Undo to revert to the original record.