SynergyMeaning is a common field in many lookup tables. Synergetic uses the SynergyMeaning field to translate lookup table entries that users have entered into something that Synergetic understands.

SynergyMeaning is essentially a top level grouping used by Synergetic to treat records in different ways because users can enter anything they like into a lookup table, Synergetic needs to know how to treat the field in certain circumstances.

For example:

  • You could use SynergyMeanings to distinguish between the different types of staff, teaching, administration, grounds staff and so on.
  • The Student Status field in Synergetic is very important in the rollover to next year process. Synergetic uses the SynergyMeaning of the status code to determine how to treat the student - whether they are to be rolled into the next year level, repeat the same year or leave your organisation.

The screen capture below shows the luStudentStatus lookup table. Each code has an associated SynergyMeaning that determines how the student is treated in the end-of-year rollover process.

Not all fields need to have an associated SynergyMeaning. You should not have more than one code that has a SynergyMeaning of Normal.