Finding an existing lookup table record

To find an existing lookup table entry:

  1. Right click in the field you want to find the lookup table entry for.
    A pop up menu similar to the following is displayed.
  2. Select Find Lookup Table Entry from the pop up menu.
    The Find Lookup Record window is displayed.

    In the above example you can search for a record in the luHouse table based on its Code and or Description.
  3. Type in all or part of the Code and/or Description of the lookup table entry or leave the fields blank to display all records.

    Tip: Use a % sign to do a wildcard search.

  4. Click .
    Synergetic displays all the lookup table entries that match you search criteria.
  5. Highlight the record you want.
  6. Click .
    The record is selected as the entry to appear in the original field.