Students_ReportName configuration setting













Selected timetable group. For example, SEN.

If you add a value to Key5 then when you select on the Timetable tab of the Current Student Maintenance window a timetable report is generated for classes with the timetable code that is entered in Key5. This report is in the format defined by the Value field.
For example, if a student's timetable includes classes that are marked SEN as their Group on the Timetable tab of the Timetable Maintenance window, then only the classes with SEN are printed. In this example, they will be printed in the TIMSTU7 format.

If the student's timetable does not include SEN classes, then the printing settings drop back to those defined by the Students:Timetable:Print:ReportName key. For example, here they are printed in the TIMSTU5 format.

For more information about timetable printing formats and Crystal Reports see Key current students reports in the Current students manual.
For more information about timetable groups see Timetable Maintenance - Timetable Group tab in the Curriculum manual.

Default value
The default value is empty. When no value is entered in Key5 then timetable reports are generated normally.

Setting a different value
To set a different value:

  1. Select Students:Timetable:Print:ReportName on the Configuration File Maintenance window and click . See Maintaining configuration files.
  2. Depending on your organisation's policy, update the Key5 field on the new line to reflect how printing timetables should be overridden by the timetable group.
  3. Change the Value field if you want to print the timetable group in a different format.