Following up unexplained absences

To follow up unexplained absences:

  1. Open the Absence Events Maintenance window. See Absence Events Maintenance window.
    The Absence Events Maintenance window is displayed with all absence events by default.
  2. Select the filter from the Filter drop-down list that suits, usually Unexplained Absence Events.
    The Absence Events Maintenance window is redisplayed with unexplained absence events only.
  3. Change the Sort By field, if required.

    You can change the Absence Type, Reason or Comment for several absence events at once by using Ctrl-click to select the required events, selecting the Absence Type or Reason from the drop-down list or typing a Comment in the Apply To Selected Events fields and clicking .
  4. Select the unexplained absence to resolve.
  5. Click .
    The Modify Absence Event window is displayed based on the absence event type created. For field descriptions, see:

    • Recording absence slips
    • Recording late sign ins
    • Recording a student signing in manually
    • Recording a student signing out manually
    • Recording a student's expected arrival
    • Recording a student's expected departure.
    • Recording a student's expected departure and return
    • Recording all day absences
    • Recording excursions
    • Recording a student signing in automatically
    • Recording a student signing out automatically.

  6. Review the information available on the window, such as the Timetable grid.
  7. Follow up with the parent, if required.
  8. If:

    • This is an absence slip, you can change the mode (absence event type) to either:
       - Expected In
       - All Day Absence.
    • This is another absence event type (mode) you may need to create a new absence event. See Individual student absence events.
    • There are multiple absence slips you will need to create a new absence event. An Auto Match window is displayed, allowing you to supersede the absence slips. See Individual student absence events.

  9. Select the Absence Type from the drop-down list, if an explanation for the absence is determined.
    The following message is displayed.

    New Zealand schools use the absence codes required by the NZ Ministry of Education (NZ MOE). See Attendance codes for New Zealand schools.
  10. Type the reason for changing the Absence Type.
  11. Click .
  12. Update other fields on the Modify Absence Event window, as required.
  13. Click .
    The Absence Events Maintenance window is redisplayed without the absence event that was just resolved.