10.01.02 Submission Information

Other Employer level information sent in an STP Event

When an STP Payroll Event (Submit or Update) is generated, there are other values in the Employer level node that are calculated/generated by Synergetic based on the type of the event and what it being submitted.


STP Event FieldMandatory?Notes
Pay/Update DateYes

When sending a pay (PAYROLL submit event) this is the Payment Available Date

When sending an update (PAYROLL update event) this is the generation day if it is being generated within the same financial year. If it is for a prior financial year it will be 30 June of that financial year.

Payee Record CountYesNumber of Employee records sent in this transaction. Must be at least 1. Synergetic will calculate this when the STP event is generated.
Run Date/Time StampYesTimestamp of when the STP submission was generated.
Submission IDYes

Unique identifier to identify the submission

Must be unique across the BMS/ABN/Branch number

Synergetic will automatically generate a submission ID when the user chooses to generate an STP Event.

Full File Replacement IndicatorYes

Indicator to identify whether the submission contains original or amended data.

Except in exceptional circumstances this will be set to false as the ATO STP service will only accept an amendment for the last pay submitted.

(true = the submission has amended data, false = the submission does not contain amended data)

Synergetic will generate this value. It cannot be manually changed

Payer Period Totals

This node in the Employer information is only included when reporting a pay (PAYROLL submit event).

It is not included when sending an update (PAYROLL update event).

It includes the following amounts for the employer specifically for the pay being sent:

STP Event FieldMandatory for PAYROLL submit?Notes
Payer Total PAYGW AmountYes

The amount withheld during the pay period under the PAYG (Pay as You Go) arrangement

This includes:

  • Payee Total HECS-HELP Amount
  • Payee Total INB PAYGW Amount
  • Payee Total ETP PAYGW Amount
  • Payee Working Holiday Maker PAYGW Amount
  • Payee Total FEI PAYGW Amount
  • Payee Total FEI JPDA PAYGW Amount
  • Payee Total Labour Hire PAYGW Amount
  • Payee Total Voluntary Agreement PAYGW Amount
  • Payee Total Other Specified Payments PAYGW Amount
Payer Total Gross PaymentsYes

The total of salary, wages and other payrments paid during the pay period from which an amount must be withheld.

This includes:

  • Payee Gross Payments
  • Payee Labour Hire Gross Payment
  • Payee Termination Payment Taxable Component
  • Payee Lump Sum Payment A
  • Payee Lump Sum Payment B
  • Payee Lump Sum Payment E
  • Payee Voluntary Agreement Gross Payment
  • Payee CDEP Payment Amount
  • Payee Allowance Amount
  • Payee Gross Payments Foreign Employment
  • Payee JPDA Foreign Employment Income Gross Amount
  • Payee Other Specified Gross Payments
  • Payee Working Holiday Maker Gross Payment

Note: The following amounts are also sent to the ATO for individual employees but are not included in either of the above calculations:

  • OTE Amount
  • Super Liability Amount
  • Payee Deduction Amount
  • Reportable Employer Super Contribution (though salary sacrificed super amount will reduce Gross Payment as well as be sent as RESC)
  • Payee RFB Taxable Amount
  • Payee RFB Exempt Amount
  • Payee JPDA Foreign Employment Income Foreign Tax Paid
  • Payee Foreign Employment Income Foreign Tax Paid
  • Payee Exempt Foreign Income Amount
  • Payee Lump Sum Payment D
  • Payee Termination Payment Tax Free Components