06 Finalise Pay Process

Finalise Pay Process

Finalising Pays in STP has become much easier. Now everything is done under a workflow in one program (Finalise Payroll)

What is changed between V68 (and prior versions) and V69 (STP)?

In the previous versions, after creating a new pay, Synergetic Payroll Users had to go through different programs to finalise the pay but in Version 69, all of the end of pay processes have been centralised under one main program called Finalise Payroll.

In the Finalise Payroll program, you can see all the details related to the current pay created. All this information flows from the Create New Pay program.

Steps To Finalise Payroll under STP

1 Commence Payroll Finalisation

All the finalisation steps except Commence Payroll Finalisation and Preview Payroll report are normally greyed out. All the steps become available after you start you Commence Payroll Finalisation.

The simple reason for this first step (Commence Payroll Finalisation) is to lock in your current pay to ensure that there are no users currently editing the current pay.

  1. Select... allows you to change the pay you are processing.
  2. Change Payroll Summary... allows you to change the Meta-Data associated with the Pay being processed.
  3. Commence Payroll Finalisation is the first actual step  in the Payroll Finalisation process.

Once you click Commence Payroll Finalisation, all the other steps will become available and your current pay will be locked. After doing this if you go back to your current pay maintenance, you can see that the current pay is locked for finalisation.

After completing the first step, you will notice that the Commence Payroll Finalisation has been greyed out and will have a GREEN TICK next to it. It basically means that we have completed this step and we can move to our next step.

You will notice that there is also CANCEL BOX next to greyed out Commence Payroll Finalisation. This allows users to cancel payroll finalisation and unlock a current pay in order to make changes. Once you cancel Commence Payroll Finalisation, users can go back to current pay maintenance and make changes to the pay. When they come back to the Finalise Payroll program they can Lock the pay again by pressing Commence Payroll Finalisation.

2 View Payroll Report

The next step in Finalising Payroll is to print/view your Payroll Journals.  This can be done by simply clicking View Payroll Report. Once in View Payroll report, you will see the different options to be printed/viewed on your report. This generates the same report which users used to create previously in older versions by clicking Print Payroll Journal.

3 Process EFT Payments

The third step in Finalising Payroll is to Process EFT Payments. This is used to create the standard bank file (ABA) to be uploaded onto the bank to process salaries. In previous versions ( Version 68 and prior), this used to be done by Clicking Process EFT Payments.

4 Process Cheques

The next step in finalising Payroll is to Process Cheques & Payslips.

If you have any employee/s getting paid through cheque, this can be done by clicking Process Cheques and following the prompts. This will let the users print out all the cheques for the current pay run.

In this example there are no cheque payments.

5 Close Off Pay

This is the step which will update the G/L accounts. This will produce a posting close off report with payroll summaries.

Type “Update” and this will close off the pay. If a pay is closed off you will need to use the Restore Update Payroll... program to [Cancel] finalisation.

Follow the process steps through to successfully closing off the pay.

6 Process STP

Follow this link for information to Process SP.

7 Process Payslips

Users have the option to either print out or email payslips through Process payslips. Once in Process Payslips, users also have the option to test the payslips before print or email. This can be done by Ticking the Preview payslip PDF archive and unticking Process Email Notifications and Process Printed Notifications.

Complete the Print Payroll Payslips screen and hit OK.

Payslip process will run, Pay Slips will be shown onscreen, and then the process will complete:

8 Finalise Payroll is Complete

9 Cancel button

Prior to a pay being closed off and/or submitted, any Finalise Payroll steps that have been completed can be cancelled via the  button.

If the Finalise Payroll steps have advanced beyond being able to be cancelled, a message will be displayed if Cancel button is clicked (in this case Payroll has been closed off).