Creating stock items for business units

Stock items are held at a business unit level. Normally, you create stock items for business units when you first set up the item. See Create New Item - Business Units window.

To create a stock item record for a new business unit, if it already exists for another business unit:

  1. Select Module > Sales > Item Maintenance from the main menu.
    The Set Item Search Criteria window is displayed.
  2. Clear the Business Unit field.
    Note: You clear the field so that you can find the stock item. This is because it has not been set up against the new business unit yet but already exists against another business unit.
  3. Select the item. See Searching for items.
    The Item tab of the Item Maintenance window is displayed.
  4. Click the Stock tab.
    The Stock tab of the Item Maintenance window is displayed.
  5. Select the business unit you want to create the stock record for.
    If stock is not held at the selected business unit, the following message is displayed:
  6. Click .
    A stock record is created for this item at the business unit.
  7. Update the fields on the Stock tab. See the Key fields and buttons area on the Item Maintenance - Stock tab.