Create New Item - Business Units window

Use the Create New Item - Business Units window to:

  • select the business units that use the item
  • enter details for an item that are specific to a business unit.

Note: When creating an item, all business units have the same details. This information can later be maintained separately for each business unit.

Create New Item - Business Units window key fields and buttons



Business Units

Select one or more business units that stock the item being created.

For example, when setting up a uniform stock item, you would set this up in the uniform department but not the bookshop department.

Unit Price

Price that each unit is sold for.

Note: This field can be inclusive or exclusive of tax, depending on your Financial Configuration Maintenance settings. See Synergetic Financial Configuration - Business Units tab in the Finance manual.

Create Receipt Record

Select to create a receipt for a quantity of one.

Note: This field only appears if the item has been flagged as Consignment Stock in the Create New Item window.

Override G/L Code

When a sale is made, by default it is posted to a specified G/L control account. If you want to use a different G/L account for this item, select a different one here.

Tax Code

Tax code used for the item, which is used for tax reporting on sales.

Re-Order Quantity

Reference figure used to nominate the amount of stock reordered, when the stock level falls below the Re-Order Stock Level value.

The quantity that you reorder is similar to the economic order quantity, the most economical amount to purchase from the supplier. For example, if you have the funds and the storage capacity, you might order uniforms in quantities of 100 as the supplier may have a cheaper wholesale unit price.

Re-Order Stock Level

Reference figure used to nominate the stock level below which you need to reorder more stock.

Reorder information is used by the Re-Order report.

Normal Creditor ID

Synergetic identifier for the:

  • supplier that you normally order this stock item from
  • owner of the stock if this is a consignment item.

You can:

  • type the value directly into the field
  • populate this field using the button
  • clear the field using the button.




Select the supplier using the Creditor Search window.

Clear the value from the Normal Creditor ID field.
You can also clear the Normal Creditor ID field directly.