Item Maintenance - Receipts tab

When stock is delivered to a business unit you can record the delivery as a receipt.
Use the Receipts tab to:

  • view summary information about stock receipts
  • receive stock either:
  • purchased from a supplier
  • acquired as consignment stock.
  • maintain stock receipts
  • view stocktake adjustments.

Also, see the Item Maintenance - Stock tab to manage stock and add receipts.
If configured, receipts can also be processed against:


 Opening the Receipts tab

To open the Receipts tab:

  1. Select Module > Sales > Item Maintenance from the main menu.
    The Set Item Search Criteria window is displayed.
    Tip: You can also access the Sales functions by clicking .
  2. Select the item. See Searching for items.
    The Item tab of the Item Maintenance window is displayed.
  3. Click the Receipts tab.
    The Receipts tab of the Item Maintenance window is displayed.

Item Maintenance - Receipts tab key fields and buttons

Grid area fields




Date the goods were received.

Qty Rcvd

Unit quantity received. For example, if you receive 5 boxes of pencils and each box contains 25 units (individual pencils) the Qty Rcvd is 125.

Unit Cost

Unit cost for the purchased item.

Qty Stock

Units of stock received.
Note: This is usually equal to Qty Rcvd.

Extended Cost

Extended cost of the goods supplied, calculated by multiplying the quantity received and the unit cost.

Order No

Purchase order number.


Line number on the purchase order.

Creditor ID and name

Synergetic identifier and name of the;

  • supplier that you normally order this stock item from
  • owner of the stock if this is a consignment item.


Transaction code of the receipt, indicating whether it is an adjustment or a standard receipt. This code is written after a stocktake is closed off.


Code indicating the type of adjustment, if applicable.

Stocktake Flag

Indicates whether the selected record exists against a closed off stocktake.

Post Src

How the amount was paid. For example:

  • DEBCHG is offset to your debtors account
  • CRDINV is paid using Creditors.

Post No

Posting number of the creditor's invoice on debtor charges posting.

Invoice Number

If the invoice has been received, the invoice number and date is populated.

Delivery Docket No

The docket number for the order's delivery.


Comment for the receipt.


Field and description


ItemReceipt - Unique identifier generated for the receipt.


CreditorTrans - Creditor transaction identifier generated for the invoice.


ItemStocktake - Identifier linking stocktake to the relevant journal entry.


GL Journal - Identifier generated for G/L allocations when goods are received.




Add a new stock receipt. See Manually receipting stock.

Modify an existing stock receipt.

The Modify Stock Receipts window is almost identical to the Receive Item Stock window. See Manually receipting stock.

Delete the highlighted stock receipt.

Transfer stock to another business unit.