Create New Item - Create Item window

Use the Create New Item - Create Item window to enter key details for an item.

  1. Open the Create New Item window. See Creating new items.
    The Create New Item - Create Item window is displayed.
  2. Enter the information you know about the item.
  3. Click .
    The Create New Item - Business Units window is displayed. See Create New Item - Business Units window

Create New Item - Create Item window key fields



Item Code

Unique code for the item.

Note: You can allow Synergetic to automatically generate item codes when you are creating new items, or you can develop your own naming convention. Synergetic uses a six digit zero-filled number for the auto number, based on the Last Item Sequence number in the Items Invoicing tab of Finance Configuration Maintenance. For example, 001025. See Synergetic Financial Configuration - Items/Invoicing tab in the Finance manual.


Description for the item.

Note: This field is mandatory.

Item Lookup

Determines the order that items are listed in the search grid, and can be used to search for items.

Defaults to the value of the Description field but can be changed. For example, you may want to list items in a size order, by putting the size at the start of the lookup.

Note: This field is mandatory.


Group used to categorise this item.

For example, Uniform or Books can be set up as categories to group similar items together.


Used for barcoding applications involving stock items.

If left blank, this defaults to the item code.

For example, books that are stocked and sold at your organisation can be integrated with POS (point of sale) equipment, using barcodes to speed up the sales entry process.


Size of the stock item, if required.

For example, items of uniform are available in different sizes.

Consignment Item

Select if the item is a consignment stock item.

The supplier owns consignment stock until you sell it on their behalf.

For example, second-hand uniforms and books can be on consignment. When you sell the items, you remit money to the person selling the items, less a commission for handling.

Note: If Consignment Item is selected, the Stock at Business Units tab is replaced by the Payments tab, and you can only receive one unit of stock which must be at no cost. See Item Maintenance - Payment tab.

Stocked Item

Clear if the item is not a stocked item.

For example, your organisation may provide services or goods that you order in on behalf of students, such as musical instruments.

Note: Items that are not stocked can be sold, but do not have Stock On Hand tracked.

Allow Decimal Places in Quantities

Select to enable support for decimals in all quantity fields for the selected item.