Purchase orders Overview

The Purchase orders module allows you to:

  • prepare purchase order requisitions to request items to be ordered
  • prepare purchase orders to send to suppliers
  • control outstanding purchase orders.

Individuals, business units or departments can have the authority to either:

Business units

You can create different ranges of order numbers for different business units. Usually, one business unit exists for each stock location. However, for purchase ordering purposes, you can define as many business units as required. You must link appropriate users to each business unit with a default business unit defined if they belong to more than one.

If purchase orders are used in a business unit that sells the items that they purchase, you can define the stock's item code on each line of the order.

Business units are set up in Synergetic Financial Configuration. See Synergetic Financial Configuration - Business Units - Purchase Orders sub-tab in the Synergetic Finance manual. You define a code, description and the name and address of the business unit. You can use these details to print on your purchase order stationery.