Action Centre - Order Details tab

You can use the Order Details tab of the Action Centre to view the details of a linked purchase order including:

  • creditor supplying the items
  • list of items ordered
  • item costs excluding tax
  • remaining budget for general ledger accounts linked to ordered items
  • approval status.

Tip: You can view the linked purchase order by clicking in the Linked to Purchase Order field.

This tab is populated when purchase orders are created in Synergetic and SynWeb. For more information about creating purchase orders, see either:

  • Synergetic Purchase orders manual
  • SynWeb Purchase orders manual.


 Opening the Order Details tab

To open the Order Details tab:

  1. Click .
    Note: The Action Centre icon displays a combination of red, green and blue flags depending on the currently active messages.
    The Action Centre Summary window is displayed.

    Tip: You can also click a link in the Action Centre Summary window to launch a specific message, task or alert in the Action Centre.
  2. Click .
    The Description tab of the Action Centre window is displayed.
  3. Select an Approve Purchase Order task message from the grid area.

    The Order Details tab of the Action Centre is displayed.

Action Centre - Order Details tab key fields and buttons



Order Number

Number assigned to the purchase order.


Synergetic ID of the creditor supplying the purchase order items.

Total (ex tax)

Total cost of the purchase order excluding tax.

Created Date

Date the purchase order was created.

Created By

User that created the purchase order.

Approval Status

Approval status of the purchase order requisition. See Action Centre - Approval tab .

Grid area fields




Unique identifier for the item.

Item Description

Description of the ordered item.

Quantity Ordered

Quantity of the item ordered.

(ex tax)


Unit cost of the ordered item excluding tax.


Line item cost of the ordered item excluding tax.

This value is the unit cost multiplied by the quantity ordered.

General Ledger Budget


Description of the general ledger account.


Remaining budget of the general ledger account linked to the item.