Action Centre - Fields Changed tab

Use the Fields Changed tab to

  • view changed fields
  • approve or reject changes.

Note: The Fields Changed tab is only displayed when you select an Action Centre message indicating that fields have been changed. For example, .

 Opening the Fields Changed tab

To open the Fields Changed tab:

  1. Click .
    Note: The Action Centre icon displays a combination of red, green and blue flags depending on the currently active messages.
    The Action Centre Summary window is displayed.

    Tip: You can also click a link in the Action Centre Summary window to launch a specific message, task or alert in the Action Centre.
  2. Click .
    The Description tab of the Action Centre window is displayed.
  3. Select a message that indicates that fields have been changed.

  4. Click the Fields Changed tab.
    The Fields Changed tab of the Action Centre is displayed.

Action Centre - Fields Changed sub-tab fields and buttons



Also show matched values

Select to also show unchanged values. That is, show values with the same value in the New Value and Current Value grid area fields.

Grid area fields



Field changed

Description of the changed field.

New value

New field value.

Current value

Current field value.


Select to accept the selected change.


Select to reject the selected change.




Accept all changes.

Reject all changes.

Apply changes based on selections in the grid area.

Note: You can only apply change selections once a selection has been made for every change.

Note: The following window is displayed when all changes are rejected.

Once the changes are rejected the Information window is displayed.