Creating new job positions

To create a new job position, either:

  • click on the Set Job Position Search Criteria window
  • click on the Job Position Maintenance toolbar
  • select File > New from the main menu
  • right click on the Job Position Selector grid and select New
  • press Ctrl + N.

The Create New Job Position window is displayed.

Create New Job Position window key fields



Position Code

Unique code identifying the job position. It is recommended that you establish a naming convention for job positions in your organisation.


Brief description of the job position.


Category of job position, used to group job positions into departments or other groups. For example, admin, maintenance, teaching.

The job categories are maintained in the luJobPositionCategory lookup table.


Award for the job position as defined in the luPayrollLeaveAward lookup table. See luPayrollLeaveAward lookup table in the Finance manual.