General Ledger Journals Entry

Use the General Ledger Journals Entry window to:

  • maintain general ledger journal entries
  • post general ledger journal entries
  • view or maintain past general ledger journal entries, depending on your security clearance.


 Opening the General Ledger Journals Entry window

To open the General Ledger Journals Entry window:

  1. Select Module > General Ledger > General Ledger Journals Entry from the main menu.
    The Select General Ledger Journals to Process window is displayed.
    Tip: You can also access General Ledger functions by clicking .
  2. Either:
    • search for an existing journal
    • create a new general ledger journal.
    The General Ledger Journals Entry window is displayed.

General Ledger Journals Entry key fields and buttons

The fields in the Allocation Detail area correspond to the highlighted row in the grid area.

Allocation Detail area fields




Date of the journal.
This defaults to the Posting Date. This can only be altered if Synergetic is set to allow Detailed Control Journals for General Ledger Postings.

G/L Sub-Allocation Code

Sub-allocation for the selected G/L Code, if sub-allocations are used at your organisation.

Debit or Credit

Debit or credit amount to apply to the general ledger journal entry.
You cannot add a debit and a credit amount on the same line.

Tax Code

Tax code defaults to the value for the selected G/L Code.
You can change the tax code if the Tax Code is Fixed field is not selected in the General tab of General Ledger Maintenance.


Calculated tax based on the Debit or Credit amount and the Tax Code.


Classification code defaults to the value for the selected G/L Code.

Journal Type

Type of journal, whether income or expense.
In Australia, determines which side of the Business Activity Statement the amount is added to.


Description to appear on the journal entry for this account code.
Defaults to the last description entered.


Synergetic identifier of the community member.
If tax is included on a journal an ID may be required for tax audit and possibly later printing a tax invoice, if applicable.
Note: A minimum amount can be set before an ID is required.
Note: The minimum amount is set in the Min G/L Journal Entry Allocation Amount requiring an ID field on the General tab of Finance Configuration Maintenance. See Synergetic Financial Configuration - General tab in the Finance manual.

G/L Code

Unique code identifying the general ledger account.
See Searching for general ledger accounts.
Note: You may only be authorised to use some G/L Codes. See the General Ledger tab of Group/User Security Maintenance - Users View in the System maintenance manual.




Based on the location of the button either launch into:

To add a new journal entry line:

  1. Click .

    The cursor is positioned in the Allocation Details area.
  2. Type in the details of the general ledger journal line.
  3. Either click or .
    A new line is added to the grid area.

To modify an existing journal entry line:

  1. Click .

    The line entry details are displayed in the Allocation Details area.
  2. Change the line details as required.
  3. Either click or .
    The details for the entry are updated in the grid area.

Delete the highlighted line entry.

Find the community member using the Find Name on Community window.

Perform the required posting action.
See General Ledger Journal Entry - Posting Action.