Maintaining general ledger accounts

Use General Ledger Maintenance to view and maintain information about individual general ledger accounts; these accounts are used to record financial activity at your organisation.
Tip: You can launch General Ledger Maintenance from general ledger lookup fields by right-clicking the field and selecting Launch General Ledger Maintenance.

Also see Accounting structure in the Accounting structure manual.

How to:

What you can do:

What you can do…



  • general information about the general ledger account
  • flags to determine how the account is used.

General Ledger Maintenance - General tab

Maintain sub-allocations at your organisation, used to identify projects.

General Ledger Maintenance - Sub Allocations tab

You can:

  • view finance reports that the general ledger account is included in
  • add the general ledger account to a finance report that it is not already set up in
  • modify the settings of the general ledger account in the finance report
  • delete the account from one or more finance reports.

You can:

  • view the amounts budgeted, allocated and actually spent by month for a general ledger account
  • calculate monthly budgets by allocating a portion to each
  • maintain the budget amounts and allocated amounts.

General Ledger Maintenance - Budget/Actual tab

View general ledger postings to this account.


  • individual journals that have updated the account
  • a running balance to keep track of the activity on the account.


  • complete purchase orders
  • incomplete purchases orders.

View and maintain documents relating to general ledger accounts.

View security settings for this account.
Maintain users who are authorised to:

  • maintain this account
  • maintain all accounts.

Maintain user-defined forms used within General Ledger Maintenance.

You can:

  • view audit details of who created and maintained this account
  • add a comment about the account.