Creating new general ledger accounts

To create a new general ledger account:

  1. Either:
    • click on the Set General Ledger Search Criteria window
    • click on the General LedgerMaintenance toolbar
    • select File > New from the main menu
    • right click on the General LedgerSelector grid and select New
    • press Ctrl + N.
    The Create New Account window is displayed.
  2. Type in the general ledger account details.
  3. Click .
    Note: Once a new general ledger account is added, you can maintain other information about the account in General Ledger Maintenance. See Maintaining general ledger accounts.

Create New Account - General Ledger Account window key fields




Year to which this account applies.
If you are creating a new account in the previous G/L year then you will be prompted to also add it in to the current G/L year, which you would normally do.

G/L Code

Unique identifier for a general ledger account. Any coding scheme can be used, but typically a:

  • 4 digit COA code, followed by
  • Period character (.), followed by
  • 3 digit cost centre code.

    Can be up to 15 characters.
    For example, 0295.004 has been defined for Administration Fees (0295) for the English Department (004).

    The format is maintained on the General tab of Synergetic Financial Configuration. See Synergetic Financial Configuration - General tab in the Finance manual.


General ledger account description.
Note: It is recommended that you have a standard naming convention for general ledger codes and descriptions.

Chart of Accounts

Categorise and report on income and expenditure according to different categories. Select from the drop-down list.

Cost Centre

Cost centre the general ledger account is linked to, to group costs for similar activities.
For example, 004 (English Department).

Account Type

Type of general ledger account. Either:


Account Type and description


Profit & Loss - Earnings and expenses over a period.


Balance Sheet - Organisation's assets, liabilities and net worth position at a point in time (balance date).