Running General Ledger Crystal Reports

There are a number of standard reports available to you to help you manage your general ledger. See the folder of Crystal Reports supplied to your organisation.
To access these reports, select Module > General Ledger > General Ledger Crystal Reports Available. You can browse or search through reports:

  • previously marked as 'favourites'
  • from a specific module
  • from all modules.

You can search for reports based on the report:

  • description
  • code.

See Running reports in the Introduction manual for general information on how to run reports in Synergetic.

Description of key reports



G/L Finance Report (P&L Style)

Using a structure that you have predefined using General Ledger Finance Reports. See Maintaining general ledger finance reports.

G/L Bank Reconciliation

Print off after marking all cheques and deposits in bank reconciliation.
Posting numbers are shown for all non-cheque entries. Cheque numbers are shown for all cheque entries.

Departmental Expense Report - Any Month

Print report of expenditure against budget to be given to departmental heads. Defined as cost centres on general ledger accounts.

G/L Trial Balance - Any Month

Print a listing of general ledger accounts showing their closing balance and movement for the month selected.

Donation Receipts by Appeal (with Payment Type)

Donor receipts by appeal with payment type.

This report is similar to the DEVR donor report for donor receipts, except that it also includes the payment type.

G/L Finance Forecast (P&L Style)

Forecast two years in advance by specified percentages in the luGeneralLedgerBudgetForecastPercents finance lookup table. See Maintaining finance lookup tables in the Finance manual.