Maintaining general ledger sub allocations

Sub-allocations are used to identify expenses for departments or projects. Sub-allocations can be used where you do not need to budget at the general ledger account level.
For example, you can use general ledger sub-allocations for camps or WIP (work in progress) entries.

  • Are mainly used for reporting purposes. For example, you can keep track of all costs relating to specific projects.
  • Identify expenses that you do not want to budget for at the general ledger level. For example, a school camp.
  • Can be directly linked to one or more general ledger codes.
  • Can be set up so that general ledger codes can be split up at posting time to one or more sub-allocation codes.

As an example, you might have a budget for maintenance. Within the maintenance budget you identify the area of expense, such as plumbing, electrical, general and so on. There is no budget at this sub-allocation level, it is only used for reporting purposes. Reports can optionally show sub-allocations. The report GLJNLSUB displays a general ledger journal listing by sub-allocation.
Also see, Accounting structure in the Accounting structure manual.

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Maintain key details about the sub-allocation.

General Ledger Sub-Allocation Maintenance - General tab

View general ledger accounts linked to the sub-allocation.

Summary of movement for general ledger journals linked to the sub-allocation.

View general ledger journals linked to the sub-allocation.

Maintain user-defined forms used within General Ledger Sub-Allocation Maintenance.