Searching for general ledger sub-allocations

Use the Set General Ledger Sub-Allocation Search Criteria window to search for general ledger accounts.
See Searching in the Introduction chapter for details on how to use the search tools.
Note: If the general ledger sub-allocation is not found, click to add a new general ledger sub-allocation from this window. See Creating new general ledger sub-allocations.

 Opening the Set General Ledger Sub-Allocation Search Criteria window

To open the Set General Ledger Sub-Allocation Search Criteria window:

  1. Select Module > General Ledger > G/L Sub-Allocation Maintenance from the main menu.
    The Set General Ledger Sub-Allocation Search Criteria window is displayed.
    Tip: You can also access General Ledger functions by clicking .
  2. Type in the information you know about the general ledger sub-allocation.

Set General Ledger Search Criteria window key fields



G/L Sub-Allocation Code

Type in the unique identifier for the sub-allocation.


Type in part or all of the description for the sub-allocation.

Staff ID

Select the staff member from the drop-down list who is responsible for the sub-allocation.

Active Sub-Allocation

Select a status from the drop-down list to determine which sub-allocations are displayed. You can select: