Creating new general ledger sub-allocations

To create a new general ledger sub-allocation:

  1. Either:
    • Click  on the Set General Ledger Sub-Allocation Search Criteria window.
    • Click on the General LedgerSub-AllocationMaintenance toolbar.
    • Select File > New from the main menu.
    • Right click on the General LedgerSub-AllocationSelector grid and select New.
    • Ctrl + N.
    The Create New General Ledger Sub-Allocation window is displayed.
  2. Type in the general ledger sub-allocation details.
  3. Click.
    Note: Once a new general ledger sub-allocation is added, you can maintain other information about sub-allocation in General Ledger Sub-Allocation Maintenance. See Maintaining general ledger sub-allocations.

Create New General Ledger Sub-Allocation window key fields



G/L Sub-Allocation Code

Unique identifier for the sub-allocation.
Up to 15 characters are allowed for a sub-allocation code.


Description for the sub-allocation.

Staff ID

Staff member responsible for this general ledger sub-allocation code.