General Ledger Journal Entry - Posting Action

The Posting Action button at the bottom of the General Ledger Journal Entry screen allows you to:

  • close off the current posting
  • change the summary information
  • discard the changes that have been made to the currently opened past posting
  • change to another posting
  • create a new posting
  • view a copy of the audit print
  • abandon the current posting.

    Note: You cannot edit postings already reconciled in a past or open bank reconciliation.




Close Off

Update the posting control record so that it recognises that the posting has been closed off. The posting can still be accessed through past postings. See Searching for general ledger journals.
When you close off the posting, an audit sheet of debtor charges is automatically printed.

Modify Summary Information

Allows you to change the control amount, description or posting date, if in the same financial year.
You can also view the Posting number and General Ledger period.

Discard Changes

Discard changes that have been made to the currently opened past posting.

Different/New Posting

Either change the current posting that you are working on, or create a new posting without updating the posting you are currently working on.

Audit Print

View a copy of the audit print showing the current posting that you have entered, without affecting the journal entry.

Abandon Posting

Delete all journals entered in the current posting and delete the posting.
Note: You must have Update privileges for GeneralLedgerJournalsEntry to be able to abandon postings. See Group/User Security Maintenance - Groups View in the System maintenance manual.


Return to editing the current posting.