Creating general ledger journal postings

To create a new general ledger journal posting:

  1. Either:
    • Click  on the Select General Ledger Journals to Process window. See Searching for general ledger journals.
    • Click on the Posting Action window. See General Ledger Journals Entry.
    The New General Ledger Journals - Summary information window is displayed.
  2. Type in the posting details.
  3. Click .
    The General Ledger Journals Entry window is displayed. See General Ledger Journals Entry

New General Ledger Journals - Summary information window key fields and buttons



Posting Date

Date of the general ledger journal posting.
Defaults to today's date.

Adjustment Posting

Select to include in the adjustments section of the Business Activity Statement, in Australia.

Ignore Tax Code

Select to ignore the tax code, if the tax codes are not marked as fixed.
To review general ledger accounts, see General Ledger Maintenance - General tab.


Description of the posting.
Note: It is important to have a meaningful description to assist with searching for past journal postings.

Control Amount

The total debits entered in the posting's transactions must add up to this value.
This is optional but is a precautionary measure, as you cannot close off a posting if the sum of debits does not equal this value.
Note: Journals with a tax impact will have automatic entries created and adjustments to prior closed off postings will have reversing entries created, if allowed. These can affect the total debits figure posted.




Copy a past general ledger journal posting. See Copying past general ledger journal postings.
For example, you can create a reversing journals posting.