Copying progressive student results from a prior term

You can copy progressive student assessment results from one year/term to another year/term.

Only results of subject assessments that are marked as Progressive Learning Classes on the Summary sub-tab of Subject Assessment Maintenance are copied.

When the results are copied:

  • a flag is set for each of the classes processed
  • any existing results are not overwritten.

See Subject Assessment Maintenance - Summary tab - Summary sub-tab in the Assessments and reports manual.

 Opening the Copy Student Results from Prior Term window

To open the Copy Student Results from Prior Term window:

  1. Select Module > Students > Create Term Results... from the main menu.
    The Copy Student Results from Prior Term window is displayed.
    Tip: You can also access the term functions by clicking .

Copy Student Results from Prior Term window fields and buttons




From Year / Term

Year and term from which student results are copied.

To Year / Term

Year and term to which student results are copied.

Process Date

Date of processing.

Copy Overall Comments

Select to copy overall comments from the prior term.

Copy Markbook Results

Select to copy Markbook results from the prior term.

Print Flags

Update the print flags for the results:

  • Apply Default Values - Use the default values for the print flags.
  • Copy from Source Semester - Use the print flag values that have been set on the student results you are copying from.
  • Clear - Clear all of the print flags.
  • Set - Select all of the print flags.


Copy results from the selected campus.

File Type

Copy results for the selected file type. For example, you may want to copy progressive scores for music only (file type of M).

Class Campus

Copy results for classes from a specific campus, if defined.

Class Code

Copy results for a specific class only.

First select the Class Campus, if you have campuses defined. This restricts the class codes to the selected campus.


Copy results for the selected student only, based on their Synergetic ID.




Display the Student Search window to search for a student to copy results for.