Maintaining student file semesters

Use Student File Semester Maintenance to maintain the:

  • reporting periods
  • names they are known by in your organisation
  • tables that are transferred during each reporting period.

Note: File Semester Maintenance may be named differently at your organisation. For example, File Term Maintenance.

To change the semester description at your organisation, see Updating the semester description (Next Year Process).

What you can do:

What you can do…


Define the:

  • number of reporting periods you have in a year
  • name that the reporting periods are known as at your organisation (terms or semesters)
  • term dates, used with assessments and reports functions.

Student File Semester Maintenance - File Semester tab.

Define which tables are transferred across when you create a new term or semester.

Student File Semester Maintenance - Next Semester Creation Rules tab (Next Year Process).

Maintain academic and co-curricular reporting period cycles.

Maintaining cycles.