Creating new reporting periods

For every reporting period (term or semester) at your organisation, you need to identify the tables to carry over from the previous periods.

When you create a new semester or term:

Tip: If you only want to create the students in the next year, transfer a file type that you are not currently using (or that you created specifically for this purpose). This creates the student and nothing else.

To create the details for a new semester, term or reporting period:

  1. Review the File Semester and Next Semester Creation Rules in Student File Semester Maintenance to ensure they are correct. See Maintaining student file semesters.
  2. Finalise the current term. See Finalising terms (Next Year Process).
  3. Open the Create Next Term Details window. See Creating next term details.
  4. Copy progressive student results from the prior term. See Copying progressive student results from a prior term.