03.04 Pay Code Maintenance - General tab

You can use the General tab of Pay Code Maintenance to maintain key information about pay codes. See Pay Code Maintenance - General tab.

With the release of STP-2, the:

  • Income Stream Type field has been added
  • Reporting Category field has been updated with the following additional reporting categories:

    - Allowance - Qualifications/Certificates
    - Allowance - Tool
    - Allowance - Tasks
    - Deduction - Child Support Garnishee
    - Deduction - Child Support
    - Individual - Gross Overtime
    - Individual - Gross Bonuses and Commissions
    - Individual - Gross Director's Fees
    - Paid Leave
    - Reportable Employer Superannuation Contribution (RESC)
    - Return to Work Payment
    - Salary Sacrifice - Super and RESC.

Additionally, the Reportable Employer Superannuation Contribution (RESC) reporting category can now be selected for the Superannuation - Salary Sacrifice pay code.