Changing the background colours

You can configure the colour of the:

  • main menu background
  • program background.

Note: This is recommended for test servers or extra finance databases so that you can easily tell the difference between different instances.

Changing the background colours
To change the background colour of the main menu or program:

  1. Select System > Edit Synergetic Configuration File (synergy.cfg) from the main menu.
    Tip: You can also access the System functions by clicking .
  2. Click the Other tab.
    The Other tab of the Edit Synergetic Configuration File [Synergy.cfg] window is displayed.
  3. Click on the coloured rectangle to launch the Color window.

    The Color window is displayed.
  4. Select your desired background colour and click .
    Your new background colour appears in the coloured rectangle.
  5. To select the default main menu colour, click .
  6. Click .
    The Information window is displayed.