Resetting another user's Synergetic password

You can reset another user's password in Synergetic, if you are a member of the Synergetic Super User group.

For example, a user has forgotten their password and contacts you to reset it.

To reset another user's password in Synergetic:

  1. Select either:

    File > Change Password.
    Module > System > Change Password.

    The Change Synergetic Password window is displayed.

  2. Select the user from the User drop-down list.

    Note: The User field is not displayed unless you are a member of the Synergetic User Group group.

  3. Select the User to Change Password Next Login field.

    The user is forced to change their password from the temporary password that you give them.

  4. Type in the New Password and retype the new password in the Confirm New Password field.
  5. Click .
  6. Inform the user of the temporary password.

    Note: To allow users to be able to change their passwords, they must have rights to the SYS module and the Change Password program.