Loading a merge file into Synergetic

You can load a merge file containing the barcode and number of each item into Synergetic, instead of stocktaking with Synergetic directly. You will need a prepared merge file. See Creating a merge file.

To load a merge file:

  1. Select Module > Sales > Item Stocktake.
    If there are no open stocktakes, the Create New Stocktake window is displayed. Otherwise the Item Stocktake window is displayed - skip to step 7.
  2. Select the Business Unit to perform the stocktake for, if it is different to that displayed.
  3. Change the Process Date if the effective date of the stocktake is different to today's date.

    Note: You can reprint an existing Item Stocktake report at this stage. See Reprinting Item Stocktake reports.

  4. Click .
    The following dialog is displayed.
  5. Click .
    The Item Stocktake report is displayed.
  6. Click to close the Item Stocktake report window.
    The Item Stocktake window is displayed.
  7. Click .
    The Load Merge File window is displayed.
  8. Click .
    The Import File window is displayed.
  9. Select your merge file and click .
  10. Check that the Delimiter Character is the one used in your merge file.

    Note: A Delimiter Character is the character used to separate pieces of information. For example, your merge file has an item's barcode followed by a delimiter character and then the number of items on hand. The standard delimiter character is a comma.

  11. If your merge file starts with a row that displays the order of the information, select File Contains Header Record.
  12. Click .
    The merge file is loaded into Synergetic. Synergetic matches the listed barcodes to item barcodes, and then to item codes if no barcodes match. If the merge file contains barcodes that do not match any stock in Synergetic, the Stocktake Import: Invalid Barcodes window appears listing the invalid barcodes.

    Unless there are many invalid barcodes, it is usually best to note down the invalid codes, and click
    to continue the import. Those items can be entered later by creating another merge file with the correct barcodes, or entering stocktake item counts directly into Synergetic. See Stocktaking using the Item Stocktake report, Stocktaking using a representative item, and Stocktaking using the barcode of individual items.

    The Stocktake Import: Existing Items window is displayed.
  13. Select how you want Synergetic to use the import file. Synergetic can:

    • ignore any items that are not listed in the merge file (Ignore Count)
    • set the item count to zero for any item not listed in the merge file (Set Count to Zero)
    • add the merge file item counts to the stocktake item counts (Increment Count by Value in File)
    • overwrite the stocktake figures, by setting all item counts to the value in the merge file (Set Count to Value in File).

    Note: Usually, you would select Ignore Count and Increment Count by Value In File if you are using the merge file to add to your stocktake, and Set Count to Zero and Set Count to Value In File if you are managing your whole stocktake with this merge file.

  14. Click .
    The stocktake counts are updated.