Making consignment stock payments

Consignment stock are stock items that are:

  • owned by a third party, such as a parent selling their second-hand books or uniforms
  • sold by your organisation in return for a commission.

On a periodic basis, you process payments to the creditors (for example, parents) for goods sold on their behalf.

What you can do:

What you can do…


Maintain the:

  • business unit you are processing commission payments for
  • percentage commission being received for selling consignment stock
  • general ledger codes and tax codes used.

Consignment Stock Payments - Selections window


  • whether debtors are processed
  • the fee codes used with debtors.

Consignment Stock Payments - Debtors window

Maintain the level of detail to report to the creditor.

Consignment Stock Payments - Creditors window

Maintain the:

  • posting details
  • bank account to process payments and receipts against.

Consignment Stock Payments - Post window