Stocktaking items

When performing a stocktake, the stock on hand is physically counted and the stock count figures entered into Synergetic. This ensures that the stock on hand figures are correct.
See Introduction to stocktaking.
One method of performing the stocktake is for:

  • one person to use a wireless barcode scanner to scan the stock item and count the stock
  • another person to enter the count called out by the first person.

Another method is use a laptop with a:

  • wireless connection to your network
  • barcode scanner attached to the laptop.

If your laptop does not have a wireless connection to your network, you can perform the stocktake by creating a merge file using a:

  • laptop without a wireless connection
  • barcode scanner attached to the laptop.

Note: Take care to ensure that the laptop is always on a stable surface and avoid holding it by the screen, as hinges can become damaged in some models.

How to:

What you can do

What you can do…


You can:

  • record the stocktake on a report then type the values into Synergetic
  • scan a representative item's barcode or enter the item code, then enter the quantity of that item into Synergetic
  • scan the barcode of each individual item in turn, with Synergetic incrementing the count automatically
  • load a text file of item barcodes and counts into Synergetic
  • confirm the figures are correct and close off the stocktake for the selected business unit and date.

Using the Item Stocktake window