Notifications Maintenance - Rules Maintenance tab

Notifications are sent according to notification rules. You can create, maintain and delete notification rules on the Rules Maintenance tab.

 Opening the Rules Maintenance tab

To open the Rules Maintenance tab:

  1. Select System > Notifications Maintenance from the main menu.
    The Rules Maintenance tab of the Notifications Maintenance window is displayed.


Notifications Maintenance - Rules Maintenance tab key fields and buttons
Grid area fields




Unique identifier for the notification rule.


Name of the notification rule.


Method of notification used. Options include:

  • SMS
  • Email.


Type of community members the notification is sent to. Options include:

  • Parents
  • Form Teacher
  • Tutor
  • House Teacher
  • Year Level Coordinator.

No. Incidents

Number of incidents before the notification is sent.


Campus that the notification is restricted to.

Year Level

Year level that the notification is restricted to.

Absence Types

Absence types the notification is triggered by, if any.


Name of the profile used to send mail.


Subject line of the notification emails.


Format of the notification. Options include:

  • Text
  • HTML.


When the notification process is next scheduled to run.

The files are identical to the grid area fields, except for some additional fields.



Notification Method

Method of notification used, as per the Method field above. Options include:

  • SMS
  • Email.

Notification Source

Whether the notification is triggered by:

  • student Absence Events
  • unsubmitted Attendance records.

After No. of Incidents

The number of incidents after which the notification is generated, as per the No. Incidents field above. For example, if an Absence notification has an After No. of Incidents value of 3, notifications are generated after the student's third absence.

Timetable Group

Timetable group the notification rule applies to.

Absence Reasons

Restrict this notification rule to absences of this Absence Reason.

Absence Period

Restrict this notification rule to absences that occur during this time period.

Do Not Send if Contact Received

Select to only generate notifications if no contact has been made.

Do Not Send If Note Received

Select to only generate notifications if a note has not been received.

Send Notifications Automatically

Select to send notifications as they are generated. Clear to queue notifications for review before sending.

Notification Subject

Subject line of the notification emails.

SQL Mail Profile Name

Name of the profile used to send mail, as per the Profile field above.

Notification Mail BCC

Additional recipients who receive blind carbon copies of the notification.

Notification Mail Format

Format of the notification, as per the Format field above. Options include:

  • Text
  • HTML.

Attendance Threshold (Minutes)

Number of minutes after the start of each attendance period after which attendance records are considered late.

For example, if the Attendance Threshold (Minutes) is 15, teachers who have not submitted their attendance records within 15 minutes of the class starting have notifications generated.

Notification Text

The body of the email or SMS notification.

Note: You can use replaceable fields to personalise the notification messages. See Creating notifications.




Save changes made to the notification rule.

Create a new notification rule. See Creating notifications.

Delete the notification rule.

Schedule when the notification rule should be run.

Send a test notification to yourself to test existing settings. The notification will appear under the Processed Notifications tab. See Notifications Maintenance - Processed Notifications tab.