Dragging and dropping emails from Microsoft Outlook

You can import an email into the Correspondence tab by dragging and dropping it from Microsoft Outlook.
To import an email from Microsoft Outlook:

  1. Open the Correspondence tab for the relevant community member. See Community Maintenance - Correspondence tab in the Community manual.
  2. Open Microsoft Outlook and find the email you would like to import.
    Arrange the windows so that you can see both the Correspondence tab and the Microsoft Outlook email folder.
  3. Click on the email and drag it into the grid area.
    The Dropped Email Details window is displayed.
  4. Select a Classification and Module for the email you are importing.
  5. The imported email is displayed in the grid area.

Note: You can disable drag and drop from Microsoft Outlook by clearing the Allow Drag and Drop from Outlook checkbox in the on the Preferences tab of the Preferences window. See Setting up Synergetic the way you want.