Composing letters with Microsoft Word

You can compose a letter from any of the windows within Synergetic that display the details of a community member. Synergetic uses your Microsoft Word application software.

To create a new letter when using Community Maintenance, either:

  • Click on the Community Maintenance toolbar, for the current community member.
  • Select Action > Compose Letter from the main menu.
  • Press the Ctrl + L key combination.
  • Click on any of the maintenance windows such as Current Student Maintenance or Community Maintenance.

To create a new email message when using other community functions:

  • Click on the toolbar.

The Compose Letter window is displayed.

Compose Letter window key fields and buttons





Style of the introductory text in the letter.

Text to Send to Word

This shows how the start of the letter will look.

Update the text before creating or inserting into the Microsoft Word document.

Force Primary Only

Select to display the primary contact details only.

Use Home Address rather than Mailing

Select to send the letter to the recipient's home address. The default is to send it to their mailing address.

Use Preferred Names for Salutation

Select to use preferred names for the greeting.

Include Regarding

Select the relative from the drop-down list to include an additional line in the letter. For example, "Regarding your son Dylan".

Include Barcode

Include a mailing barcode on the printed letter. See Creating a document containing a mailing barcode.

Insertion Location

Place in the document where the text is to be inserted.

If you have an existing document with one or more instances with the text {Synergetic}, then this is replaced.


You can select whether to create a new document or use an existing document.

Apply this template

Select the Microsoft Word template that is used in your organisation to ensure you use consistent styles.




Use when you have completed formatting and entering the text.

You can complete and print the document from within Microsoft Word.