Using merge fields in emails and SMS messages

You can use merge fields to personalise a group email. For example, if you are sending a group email to parents whose students have unexplained absences, the email appears as addressed to each parent individually, and refers to their son or daughter by name.

Merge fields can only be used when Enable Field Merging is selected.

Merge fields can refer to the student or to the student's parent. Merge fields with a '+' at the end refer to the student's parent. You can select whether the merge field refers to the student or parent by:

  • selecting the Student or Parent field before inserting the merge field
  • adding or removing the '+' at the end of the merge field after you have inserted it.

For example {Preferred} displays the student's preferred name, whereas {Preferred+} displays the parent's preferred name.

: The Send to Parents field does not affect which recipients the merge fields relate to.

Adding a merge field to an email or SMS

To add a merge field to an email or SMS:

  1. Place the cursor in the position you want the merge field to appear.
  2. Select the merge field you want to display.
  3. Select if the merge field should refer to the Student or the student's Parent
  4. Click .

    Note: You can also type merge fields directly into the email. Make sure the spelling and capitalisation is exactly as the merge field appears in the list.

    The merge field is added to the email or SMS.