Using replaceable fields in the body of emails

Use replaceable fields that populate data from the Synergetic database for the selected community members. SynWeb replaces the replaceable fields with the actual values when sending the email to one or more recipients.

Note: This only works with community members, as SynWeb draws on their data from the Synergetic database.


You can prepare and save the body of emails that you regularly send to community members. You can then paste the text into the email body or subject field. This is useful if you regularly send similar emails to community members.

Tip: Select the Paste into subject field checkbox above the list of merge fields to use the merge field in the email subject.

You can write an email to multiple recipients using information about each recipient. In the following example, data from the Synergetic database is used to refer to the:

  • Recipient. That is, {NameExternal}.
  • Recipient's spouse. That is, {SpouseGiven}.
  • Mobile phone numbers. That is:
  • {DefaultMobilePhone}
  • {SpouseDefaultMobilePhone}.

Default replaceable fields

Click the link below to view the list of available replaceable fields.

 Click to view replaceable fields

 Replaceable fields are normally student related. However, you can add a modifier to the end of replaceable fields to refer to primary parent information.

For example, {Given1} refers to the student Angelo Adamski and is replaced by Angelo{Given1+refers to his father, Guy Adamski, and is replaced by Guy.