Using SynWeb

SynWeb is a web-based interface to Synergetic that runs in a web browser. Supported web browsers are:

  • Firefox version 3 or later
  • Internet Explorer version 7 and later
  • Safari version 4 or later
  • Google Chrome.

All the usual web browser rules apply to the way you navigate around the system.

You can:

  • Log in and out of SynWeb. See Logging in and out.
  • Use the Dashboard to view:

    - your class timetable
    - your class lists
    - progress in assigning student marks to your classes. See Using the Home window.

  • Navigate around SynWeb using a combination of:

    - SynWeb menus
    - buttons
    - command links
    - launch links
    - toolbar icons
    - field icons. See Navigating around SynWeb.

  • Use drop-down lists to select from a set of valid values. See Using drop-down lists.
  • Use navigation bars to view details or conserve space:

    - expand navigation bars to view details, similar to tabs in Synergetic
    - collapse navigation bars to conserve space. See Using navigation bars
    - show, hide or customise the order of the navigation bars. See Customising navigation bars.

  • Sort grids in ascending or descending order based on the selected column. See Sorting grids.
  • Select dates using a calendar or by typing in the date. See Entering dates and times.
  • Handle when records are locked. See Record locking.
  • Change your preferred SynWeb work settings, including:

    - year and semester (that is, term or reporting period)
    - default file type
    - campus, if applicable. See Changing your user preferences.