Logging in and out

Logging in

Note: Before starting, contact your system administrator for details of the URL (web address) for SynWeb at your organisation. Typically, this is http://<synergetic server>:7007 where <synergetic server> is the name of the server running Synergetic at your organisation.

To start SynWeb:

  1. Start your Internet browser.
    For example, select Start > Programs > Internet Explorer.
  2. Type the URL of SynWeb.
    The SynWeb Login window is displayed.
  3. Depending on the settings at your organisation, you can:
    • Type in your Username and Password, if not using Windows authentication.

    This is your usual Synergetic user name and password.

    • Select Use Windows Authentication if you want to log in this way.
    • Skip this step, if your organisation is set to use only Windows authentication.
  4. Click .
    The Home window is displayed.

    Any system messages created by your system administrator are displayed. See Synergetic system messages.

    Your system administrator sets an inactivity timeout time. If you do not use your session within the set time, you will have to log in again.

    Remember: Save your work regularly! If you time out or move to another window without saving, you will lose any changes you have made.

Logging out

To log out of SynWeb, click Logout on the menu bar.

Adding SynWeb to your Favourites

It is useful to add SynWeb to your browser favourites so that you do not have to remember the web address every time you log on.

Login window key fields and buttons





Synergetic user name.

Not required when using Windows authentication. Either:

  • you select Use Windows Authentication below
  • Windows authentication is used by all users at your organisation.

To use a different database, add a suffix to your username:

  • Backslash character (/)
  • Synergetic database name.

For example, this might be a test database use to test new features without impacting on your production data.


Synergetic password.

Tip: Contact your system administrator if you have forgotten your password. They can reset it in Synergetic.

Not required when using Windows authentication.

Use Windows Authentication

Select to use Windows authentication if your organisation offers a choice between:

  • Windows authentication
  • SQL Server authentication. SQL Server is the database management system used by Synergetic.





  • using Windows authentication
  • type your Username and Password
  • click .
  • not using Windows authentication, click .

Tip: Press the Enter key instead of clicking the  button.