Navigating around SynWeb

You navigate around SynWeb using a combination of:

  • SynWeb menus
  • buttons
  • command links
  • launch links
  • toolbar icons
  • field icons.

SynWeb menus

There is a menu bar at the top of each window, named the SynWeb main menu.

Click on the module you want and select a function from the drop-down menu.

Using the example above, this is written as Select Students > Student Maintenance.


Many SynWeb windows contain buttons to allow you to perform specific functions, such as and .

On the SynWeb main menu, click:

  • to return to the previous window, except for some transactions
  • to return to the Dashboard that appears when you first log in.

Command links

Some grids contain commands such as Add. Click on the command next to the record you want to perform the function on. In the following example, you can click on the Add command link to substitute the teacher taking each of the classes.

Some functions present a list to choose from. For example, click the Select command link next to the staff member's name to assign that staff member as a substitute for a class.

Launch links

When you have a grid, you can click on one of the links to launch into the maintenance window for that record. In the following examples, if you click on:

  • S/MAC17 in the Class column, you launch into Class Maintenance for Mathematics - 1A
  • any of the five launch links, you launch into Attendance Maintenance for the selected class.

Toolbar icons

There are a number of icons that are displayed on the Student Maintenance window:

  • Some of the icons allow you to activate certain functions such as emailing students.
  • Others alert you to important information about the student. For example a medical alert or a court order relating to the student.

Hover your cursor over an icon to display the tool tip which explains what the icon signifies.

You can click on an icon to launch into the relevant Student Maintenance bar. For example, if you click on the icon, you launch into the student's Legal bar where you can view the information about the court order. See Using the SynWeb toolbar icons for information on how to use the icons and what each of them means.

You can set up custom icons. For example, identifying children under 18 using accommodation. See Maintaining custom maintenance window icons in the System maintenance manual.

Field icons

Some functions have icons associated with each field. In the following example, four icons are associated with the topic comment field shown: Spell Check, Comment Bank, Copy and Paste.

Click on the icons as you would any button.