Using tag lists

Tag lists are used to pull together an otherwise unrelated group of records. For example, you can create a group to:

  • send emails to
  • report on
  • link documents or photos to.

The currently tagged community members are marked with green tag indicators and maintained in a list called the Tag List that you can view at any time.

Tip: Hovering over the left of a record reveals a tag icon can be clicked to quickly tag or untag a community member. See Configuring tag lists in the System maintenance manual.

To display the Tag List window at any time, select Tags (thumbs down) from the SynWeb main menu.

The Tag List window is displayed.


You can use a tag list for a variety of reasons:

  • You want to generate a report for a group of otherwise unrelated community members. When you select a relevant report, you can elect to only report on tagged community members.
  • You want to send a communication to a group of otherwise unrelated community members. For example, a swimming team made up of students from different year levels, campuses and houses. Instead of searching for the students and sending messages to each individual, tag the records, then send communications to your tag list.
  • You want to link a document to a group of otherwise unrelated community members. For example, a newspaper article about competitors in a fun run sponsored by your organisation.

How to:

From Synergetic, you can also load a list of community members from:

What you can do:

You can...


Create groups of community members that are otherwise unrelated. Tag lists can be:

  • stored
  • loaded
  • added to a class
  • added to a constituency
  • linked to an uploaded document
  • reported to
  • emailed to.