Tagging individual community members from a grid

You can add individual community members to your current tag list from any grid with an ID (Synergetic ID) field.

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To add individual community members to your current tag list:

  1. Navigate to a:

    • Grid with an ID field. For example, the Contacts bar of Student Maintenance.

    • Window with launch links to community members. For example, the Student Selector area.

  2. Place the cursor over the community member you want to add to the current tag list.

    Note: In some cases, you need to be positioned over the community member's record. In the example, two records have their active areas highlighted.

  3. Right click.
    The following menu is displayed.

    Tip: You can tag community members by hovering your mouse cursor on the left edge of the row then selecting the tag icon. Once the community member is tagged a green rectangle is displayed.

  4. Select Tag Record.

    The community member record is marked with the green tag indicator, added to the Tag List window and the count on the Tags (thumbs down) menu option is incremented by 1.

    Hovering over the left of a record reveals a tag icon can be clicked to quickly tag or untag a community member. See Configuring tag lists in the System maintenance manual.

  5. Repeat steps 1 through 4 for each individual community you want to tag.