Saving tag lists into classes

If the community members in the tag list are not already members, save the tag list into either a specific:

This is the main method used to convert community members from a tag list to a more permanent group, either as a user-defined constituency or a class.

To add the current students in a tag list to a class:

  1. Create your tag list. See:

    • Tagging community members from the Tag List window
    • Tagging individual community members from a grid
    • Tagging multiple community members from a grid.

    The Tag List window is displayed.
  2. Click .
    The Class Search window is displayed.
  3. Enter the search criteria. See the field descriptions below.
  4. Click .
    The Class Search window is redisplayed with the results of the search.
  5. Click the Select command link next to the class to add the students to it.

    The students in the tag list are added to the selected class, if they are not already in the class. 

    Tip: You can view the students in the class on the Students bar of Class Maintenance. See Class Maintenance - Students bar in the Assessments and Reports manual.

Class Search window key fields, links and buttons



File Type

Search for classes of a particular file type, either academic or cocurricular.

Defaults to A / Academic. Select an alternative from the FileType drop-down list if needed.

Year & Sem

Search for the year and semester when the class is offered.

Defaults to the current year and semester, term or reporting period.


Search for the campus that the class is taught at, if applicable.

Class Code

Search for the unique identifier of the class, if an individual class is required.


Search using the class description. You can search on part of the description, or use the % character as a wildcard.

Staff Code

Search for the identifier of the staff member taking the class.

Year Level

Search for the year level that the class applies to.

Grid area fields and links

Field / Link



Select the command link next to the class to add the students in the current tag list to the class.

File Type

File type for the class.

Class Code

Unique identifier for the class.


Description of the class.




Search for classes based on the search criteria you have entered. The results are returned in the grid area.

Close the Class Search window without adding community members to a class.