Introduction Overview

The Synergetic Management System (Synergetic) is a comprehensive management system for schools, tertiary institutions and other educational organisations. It incorporates and integrates all of the administrative functions that you use to run your organisation.

You can manage all of the day-to-day activities as well as managing future students, appeals and fundraising activities, and all aspects of student, staff and community.

Synergetic revolves around a database of information, called the Community. The database contains the details of all the people and entities, such as companies, involved with your organisation. For more information, see Introduction to the community.

Synergetic also interfaces to other programs. For example, it uses Crystal Reports to generate reports.

SynWeb is a web-based interface to the Synergetic database. It has been designed primarily for teaching staff and has a targeted set of features compared to the full version of Synergetic. Using SynWeb you can:

  • view your timetable and classes
  • allocate students to classes
  • enter attendance records for a class or study period
  • find which room and class a student is currently in
  • find students that are unaccounted for
  • view student details
  • view class details
  • view a staff member's classes, personal details, students and timetable
  • view your own banking details, leave entitlements and payslips
  • apply for professional development courses
  • enter and approve staff timesheets
  • enter student results
  • enter substitute staff for classes
  • create tagged lists of students
  • run reports
  • maintain object bookings
  • maintain accommodation bookings
  • edit SynWeb configuration settings, preferences and passwords.

To help you get the most from using SynWeb, familiarise yourself with:

You can also: